Success stories

Success stories

National Registry of CR

The National Registry of Costa Rica was created by Law No. 5695 of May 28, 1975, amended by Laws No. 5990 of October 27, 1976, and 6934 of November 28, 1983.

Bank Aliado

Banco Panameño founded in 1992 with purely Panamanian capital. In 1995 he began his foray into the foreign market, having relations with Central American and South American banks

Bank Santa Cruz

It is one of the leading mid-range commercial banks in the Dominican Republic. It was founded in 1983 and since its inception it has focused on commercial banking .

Bank Promerica

Regional bank with offices in the Dominican Republic.

Automate manual credit generation processes and massive campaigns to generate demand in …

General Directorate of Internal Taxes

The General Directorate of Internal Taxes of the Dominican Republic is the regulatory body and collector of taxes in the Dominican Republic

Bank Vimenca

About the Client: Established as a Multiple Services Bank in 2005, Banco Vimenca has played an important role in providing services