Digitization of Documents and Data Capture

Digitization of Documents and Data Capture

Entrust your documents to Document Management experts with proven experience


GSI is a company that provides Managed Services and Document Management Implementation; digitization of documents and data capture. We are committed to offering quality services that meet the needs of our stakeholders, and that comply with applicable requirements and standards. We constantly improve each of our processes in search of excellence.

Our Document Digitization and Data Capture services help companies to streamline their business processes, reducing costs in equipment and personnel specialized in these tasks; allowing the organization to focus on its business.

GSI is equipped with all the necessary means to offer high quality services, providing digital conversion with specialized equipment from multiple sources (paper, microfilm, blueprints, etc.). Files can be delivered according to specifications in terms of resolution, content, organization, file name, file format, and other necessary requirements.

We also offer Book and Text Digitization services, guaranteeing the integrity of physical copies and delivering digital versions faithful to the original, both in the form of images and in pure text, indexed and with free search capacity.

Some benefits of Document Capture and Digitization Services

It allows the organization to focus on its business.

Leveraging GSI’s experience as a provider that has digitized more than 200 million documents regionally.

It allows sharing risks.

Qualified personnel with experience and knowledge of the system, which brings rapid adoption to the digitization process

Optimización de costos

Reduction of file storage in physical space.

Eliminate Printing and Photocopying Costs.

Reduce consultation times.

Reduce Risks in Operation

  • Eliminates the risk in the physical handling and transport of documents between people and departments.
  • It allows compliance with regulations at the national and international level.
  • Preserves the physical memory of the document.
  • It guarantees its conservation as it is now digital.
  • Digital images do not fade or deteriorate over time.
  • It allows better decision making.
  • Streamlines organizational work thereby increasing the productivity of your employees.