ePower Cloud

ePower Cloud

Integrando información, para generar valor

“…information has intrinsic value and must be treated as an asset. Like any asset, information must be managed, to fully obtain its value…”

– AIIM 2010.

ePower Cloud, covers the management of information throughout the scope of a company, regardless of whether that information is presented in the form of a paper document, an electronic file, a workflow, printing of information in a Database or even an email.

With ePower Cloud, a user can capture, manage, store, preserve and dispose of all corporate information, without having to change their current work environment, or make an investment in equipment .. See More

Value added

Creation of electronic files or case management.

Online consultation of the cases that are in process, according to the role that each user has within the organization.

Integrated and automatic control in the case process.

Greater agility and speed when searching or accessing information from any environment or application.

Integration with the business systems such as: accounting, inventories and human resources among others.

Ability to generate control and monitoring reports for cases in the system.

Electronic history of each case for better management, control and monitoring in the processing thereof, thus reducing operating costs.