Human Resource Outsourcing

Human Resource Outsourcing

These types of services allow to provide greater support to the administration in auxiliary activities and administrative tasks, strengthening those processes of customer service both internal and external, obtaining better results in those processes that may present an over-demand behavior in certain periods of the year. year, thus avoiding an accumulation of these and therefore delays in the management as such.

Some of these tasks tend to be mainly concentrated in the assembly of files, foliated, labeling, transfer of the physical file, tabulation of data, processing of forms, filing, notifications, organization of incoming and outgoing correspondence, reception of documents, customer service final among others.

We adjust to the schedule and requirements of our clients. 

Some benefits of the Personnel Outsourcing Service

It allows the organization to focus on its business.

Leveraging GSI’s experience as a provider that has digitized more than 200 million documents digitally.

It allows sharing risks.

Qualified personnel with experience and knowledge of the system, which brings rapid adoption to the digitization process.