Passports and Immigration Control

Passports and Immigration Control

GSI offers complete end-to-end solutions for border control processes, identification and issuance of secure documents; complying with the highest standards of the international norm ISO and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Our solutions allow the personalization of high security travel documents such as machine-readable passports, electronic passports or the latest generation of biometric passports, we also provide the supply of identification documents such as: passport books, personal identity cards, among others.


Electronic circuit (chip)

Biographical and biometric data of the user

Compatible with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Polycarbonate data pages

Fingerprint readers of all kinds with LES technology

Latest technology solutions for user winding

Applications and equipment with high security standards for border control

Identity cards and passport data sheets offer market leading protection against counterfeiting as well as increased durability.

Our passports and identity cards feature features from holographic security threads to delicate intaglio technology that makes documents more secure and difficult to counterfeit.

Relevant cryptographic mechanisms, as well as security features, all based on the current technological standard and compatible with the SAC, BAC, EAC and PACE authentication protocols defined in the ICAO specification.

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